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Disco Dome

Bouncy Castle
12ft x 15ft

With Built-In Speaker
and Disco Light

Enquire Now!

Disco Dome Bouncy Castle

With Built-In Speaker and Disco Light!

Price:                 Only £119.99 / Day
                   Only £179.99 for 2 Days

Age Limit:                         Under 14s

Size:                                    12ft x 15ft
Height:                                           11ft
Space Required:           18ft x 23ft

Suitable for 5-8 Children

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Extras and Special Offers


RollerCoaster:                            Only £24.99
4 Superbike Ride-Ons:            Only £24.99
6 DidiCars:                                   Only £34.99

Weekday Offer

For Weekday Bookings, the Disco Dome Bouncy Castle is Only £94.99

Enquire Now

No Payment Required Until Delivery!

FREE DELIVERY for Bouncy Castle if you are within a 10 mile radius of Welwyn Garden City! 

(We charge £2 per extra mile travelled outside a 10 mile radius of Welwyn Garden City).



We Clean All Our Equipment Between
Each Hire
(as we have always done).

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment and we deeply value our customers whose welfare and well being is our number one priority.

We are OPEN

We Hire All Our Equipment Only Once a Week.
(As COVID-19 most likely to survive only for 3-4 days on most surfaces:
hiring each of our equipment once a week eliminates the possibility to transmit the virus from one children party to another)

Govt Update

 We are keeping a close eye on the advice from Public Health England
about coronavirus and provide you with our services accordingly.

Watch Our 1 Minute Introductory Video Below!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Payments and Bookings

1. How much notice should I give if I would like to book?

As much as you can especially in summer months, however do give us a call if you want something last minute as we will endeavour to help you out.

2. How do I go about hiring a unit?

If you would like to make a booking, please complete the online enquiry form or give us a call on 0781 481 1515.

3. Will I be required to pay a deposit or to pay upfront?

No deposit will be require and payment will be collected on delivery.

4. What forms of payment do you take?

We accept Cash or BACS payment (By prior arrangement).

5. If I need to cancel, how do I go about this and will there be a fee?

No Problem, just contact us as soon as you can and there will be No Cancellation Fee as long as we have not already set off to make the delivery.

6. Will you send me a confirmation letter?

Most definitely, we will send a confirmation email outlining the details of the booking a few days before your event. We will also send copies of our safe play guideline.

Equipment & Location

1. Do you deliver, set up and collect?

Yes we offer a full service, which is included within the hire (Additional delivery charge applicable outside of the 10 miles from Welwyn Garden City, please contact us if you live outside of this for a delivery price).

2. How long does it take to set up?

Generally between 25 – 45 minutes depending on the equipment hired / accessibility of your venue.

3. Will I need the fan to run continuously?

Yes constant air flow is required, whilst the unit is in use. We advise that when the inflatable is not being used that the power is turned of at the socket.

4. What if I would like to collect the equipment myself?

Under the terms of our insurance policy and for your safety, we do not offer a collection service on inflatables.

5. What size area will be required?

16ft x 22ft. (5m x 7m)

6. Can an inflatable be used on a hard surface?

Yes, please advise us at the time of booking the type of hard surface that you wish to site an inflatable on. We will then ensure that we bring the appropriate equipment to anchor the bouncy castle for your hire. We use Sandbags on hard surfaces to prevent the equipment from tipping or moving, otherwise we will use 18″ metal stakes to anchor the equipment.

7. What about indoors?

Absolutely – please state that you wish to use the castle indoors or the type of surface that you wish to use the bouncy castle on when you book. We will then ensure that we bring sand bags to anchor the unit and additional matting. Please also bear in mind the height restriction of the building.

8. I have a slope on my garden doe this matter?

Inflatables can be used on slight slopes up to a drop of approximately 1ft in a distance of about 12ft. Please bear in mind that the surface needs to be reasonably flat as well (there should not be a variation of more than about 8″ across the surface). If you are in any doubt, please contact us to arrange a site visit.

9. What power is required?

All of our equipment is fitted with 13amp 3 pin plugs and run on 240v domestic supply. If required extension cables up to 25m and RCB’s will be supplied.


1. Are they safe?

Yes. Our equipment is inspected regularly and our Bouncy Castles are PIPA tagged & certified. However, as with any activity involving small children, an adult MUST supervise the activity at all times. All of our Bouncy Castles are re-tested and re-certified annually.

2. Do you have Public Liability Insurance and are we covered by it?

We have £5 million public liability insurance policy which covers us for negligence on our part. If we are supervising the inflatable then we take on all of the liability for its use, if you are responsible for ensuring supervision is in place (either at home or at a public event) then please ensure that you have adequate insurance in place for your own peace of mind.

3. Do you supply Mats?

Most definitely, mats will be placed at all entrance points.

4. What about the electrics?

Fans and cables are fitted with IP44 Splash proof connections. RCBs protectors are provided if your supply is not protected. All electric equipment and cables are inspected and certified annually (Portable appliance test).

5. Do you provide safety instruction and guidance?

Yes, we will send you a copy of the safe operating procedure with your booking confirmation and another copy on the day of the booking. We will also give you a safety briefing once the unit is inflated.

6. How do I know if I am hiring my Castle from a Reputable Company?

We are a professional local company and are members of the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance and PIPA registered operators. The BIHA organization was set up to promote safe and consistent working practices within our field of business.

Weather conditions

1. Can inflatable be used in the rain?

In a short (less then an hour) light rain it is possible to use some of our bouncy castles but for safety reasons we strongly recommend NOT to use an inflatable while it’s wet because wet vinyl gets slippery and a rider who jumps and expects to land a specific way but slips; now has the potential of sliding or falling on another rider injuring himself or another person. Never use inflatables in heavy rain. For Health and Safety, if we have the right to cancel your Bouncy Castle booking if the weather conditions are not adequate for safe operation. Thank you for your understanding.

2. What if it is showery?

We recommend NOT to use the Inflatable during showery weather as it gets very slippery. As soon as the wet weather has past, inflate the unit and allow the unit to air dry in a short period of time. You can speed drying time by wiping the inflatable bed with a towel.

3. Then What’s the Rain Cover is For – If I Can’t Use The Bouncy Castle in Rain?

It is actually Rain and Sun Cover. It protects the Bouncy Castle from becoming unbearably hot, when the weather is sunny. It also protects the Bouncy Castle from getting soaking wet while it’s raining – but in case of wet weather, some rain will still get inside – the inflatable will still be wet and slippery risking slipping/falling and injuries. Having a Rain Cover allows the Bouncy Castle to dry within 15-20 minutes after the rain/shower is gone (without it, drying time could take up to 2 hours).

4. What if there are High winds?

Inflatable cannot be used in high winds.

5. Can we use an inflatable at Night?

Yes as long as there is sufficient lighting, subject to availability and a secure site we do allow overnight hires.

6. Do you have a Wet Weather Guarantee?

Yes should there be wet weather forecast for when you have booked an inflatable, we will contact you the night before or on the morning of the booking to discuss your options, if at that time you would like to cancel the booking you may.

Disco Dome Bouncy Castle


Listen To Your Favourite Music!
Connect your iPod via Bluetooth to the Speaker of this Disco Dome Bouncy Castle!

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