1. Do you hire the Soft Play and Bouncy Castle for indoor only or outdoor as well?

We prefer indoor venues. Not only because indoor venues are not weather dependent, but because many of our new toys (ride-ons) can be used the best on smooth surfaces. Although we accept bookings for outdoor events too, in case wet weather is forecast we reserve the right to cancel your booking (especially the bouncy castle).

2. Why does setting up and packing away take an hour?

If the Soft Play or the Bouncy Castle is hired by itself (without the other), setting up and packing away should take less than an hour if the hall is empty and we can park right next to the front door. We require 1 hour for packing, just to be on the safe side (unforeseen traffic delays can occur on the way to the venue, we are not always able to park right next to the front door of the village hall, and usually there are children running around which slows down the packing etc).

3. Does the entire Soft Play package fit under your Marquee?

Unfortunately not. Just about half of our Soft Play (and crash mats) fit under our Marquee. Our Marquee is more for protecting your little ones from the wind and from the direct sunlight.

4. How often do you clean your Soft Play Equipment?

Every piece of the Soft Play Equipment is washed thoroughly the day before your little one’s party

5. Do you offer your Soft Play outside of Hertfordshire and North London?

We mainly operate in Hertfordshire and North London – but as long as our clients are willing to pay a delivery fee(£1.50 per extra mile travelled outside a 10 mile radius of Welwyn Garden City), we are happy to deliver our Soft Play and Bouncy Castle anywhere.

6. Can I pay by Cheque?

We accept only bank transfers and cash. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, it has to be made at least 1 week prior to your event.

7. How much space do I need for the soft play and the bouncy castle?

Soft Play: 8 crash mats 192sq ft + ball pool 50sq ft = 240 sqft (each crash mat measures 4ftx6ft and 2″ thick)
Bouncy Castle: the minimum space required is 15ft x 25ft = 375 sq ft.
(Required minimum height of indoor places: 9 feet)
(For the Soft Play, less space can be enough, but then the toys will be a bit squeezed.)

8. How many children can use the Bouncy castle / Soft play?

“The Big One” Soft Play package is our biggest Soft Play Package which can entertain about 15-20 children.
Maximum 4 children at a time on the Bouncy Castle.
Maximum 4 children at a time in the Ball Pool.

9. Can I book the soft play/bouncy castle for only 2 hours?

Yes, we are flexible on starting and finishing time – although the fee for the soft play hire will remain the same for 2 hours booking as the 3 hours booking.

10. Can you recommend a children’s photographer in Herts?

Yes, We are happy to recommend Sorelle Photography if you need a great children’s photographer for your little one’s birthday party.