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Ride-On Toys

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SuperBike Ride-On Toys

Price (with other Packages):    Only £24.99
Price (Itself):                                 Only £49.99

Age Limit:                         Under 5s

Our Batman / Superman Superbike Ride-Ons Offers Great Fun for Toddlers over 18 Months! They just Love It!

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Toys Included

4 Superbike Ride-Ons
(2 Batman & 2 Superman Themed)

Weekday Offer

- the 4 Superbike Ride-On is only £19.99 – when it’s hired together with a Soft Play Package or Bouncy Castle on Weekdays!

Enquire Now

No Payment Required Until Delivery!

Please Note...

... that we advise NOT to hire these Superbike Ride-Ons together with any of the other packages which includes the Roller Coaster.

This is advise is Due Health and Safety.
f you wish, you still can hire these motorbike ride-ons together with other Soft Play Packages which includes the RollerCoaster, but you’ll be required to sign a Special Disclaimer which states:

“It’s your (Client) responsibility to supervise the children and NOT to let the children accidentally go on the RollerCoaster base with any of these motorbike ride-ons.
Soft Play Adventures cannot be held responsible for accidents/injuries caused by toddlers/children riding these motorbikes on the RollerCoaster Base.”

Thank you for your Understanding.

FREE DELIVERY for Soft Play if you are within a 10 mile radius of Welwyn Garden City! 

(We charge £2 per extra mile travelled outside a 10 mile radius of Welwyn Garden City).


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